The Secret Life Of The Zoo

Supplied a package of sixty tracks in various animal drama friendly themes/genres for 16 x 60 mins (Series 5) of this popular UK series.

Check out some of the works here: Animals And Family 

Client : Blast Films/C4

Time Force

Big choral track on this Time Force ad by Squirky MD Chris Bemand with Ronaldo getting nibbled by a vampire. Nice !  More choral hybrids to be released on SQM in 2019. 

More Epic Choral past work here: Epic Choral ( inc X factor, Top Gear, Sony, Dance Moms etc)

John Torode's Korean Food Tour

Composed all music for 10 x 60 mins show ( in just over four weeks) which aired on UKTV and Internationally. Many tracks blended real Korean instruments ( kayagum, daegum and danso)with modern electronica to give the series a unique, modern Asian flavour.  Listen to some selected tracks here:

JTKC Soundcloud

Client Denham TV/Hyundai Media/UKTV.

The Secret

Epic choral music composed by Squirky MD Chris Bemand kicks off this film labeled a "cultural phenomenon" boy media figures such as Oprah Winfrey, Ellen DeGeneres, and Larry King. It has also received a great deal of controversy and criticism for its claims, and has been parodied in TV shows.

Donal's Asian Baking Adventure

Composed all music for 10 x 30 mins TV show. Food writer, cook and social media host Donal Skehan jets between six different territories from the glitz and glamour of Hong Kong and Tokyo to the street markets and hipster cafes of Melaka & Macau. Music ranged from hybrid Asian beats, modern pop and some with a hint of Gaelic to give the show a modern and also pan Asian flavour.

Taster Playlist here : Donal Skehan's Asian Tour

.Client : Denhams TV/UKTV

State of Illusion

Play With Caution

Coral Casino

Skunk Fu!


King Arthur's Disasters

The Vaseline Healing Project

Dance Moms

Lego Studios


The Beijing Gang - Tan Qi

Lexus IS : Poise

Hasbros Family Game

Red Bull

Men In Black 3

The Unrideables

Yugo Channel

Everybody Loves A Moose

Top Gear

Elder Scrolls

Burn Notice

Disney's Groove High

Sony Playstation GT Sport

Fox Kids